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Found 6 results

  1. hi there basically i am having problems connecting to sam broadcaster, it won't let me into sam all it'll say is can't connect to database. could someone please help me out, i also want to change mysql password as well. could someone shine some light on this please
  2. hi there i am having trouble with samphpweb i have currently setup the config and everything i have to do, i have uploaded all files to my server mysql is sorted out. is there anything i have to do in sam
  3. has anyone got a working script were djs can login everytime there on the air and the script changes to there image? now i don't know if this is a software programming or what as i use sam broadcaster now i don't know if sam does this type of thing or not i just don't know
  4. Alright Guys, I hope you can help with my query It's been baffling me for a while now We run a 24/7 Radio Station with pre-recorded shows, now we have decided to start broadcasting live shows But what i want to do is have a second shoutcast stream and use this link on SAM so by either a Pal Script / Event Scheduler or even manually the stream link drops in the Queue for the show from a second computer to broadcast. The Dj will be streaming from their own computer to our radio station, now i know the other way of doing this like many forums have said 'Just give the dj the details from the radio stations shoutcast and they stream direct to the airwaves and bypass the main SAM Broadcaster' But i'm thinking that this is a much prefered way of doing and was wondering if this is possible? So far with tests i have dropped the stream link in the queue, it loads up on the deck but as it's about to play it vanishes also with the remote pal scipt it excutes and loads 20 stream links but all fail and vanish Aso had a 'Error 200' .. I will add that the stream is active while this test are running Currrently this idea is from another Sam Broadcaster but in time i would also like to know if this is possible from Virual DJ / Other to SAM Broadcaster In Previous media players we used Winamp where a live stream was possible to drop in the Queue and connnect to another computer to play their show I hope you can help Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, I've been working on a new desktop broadcasting application called Rocket Broadcaster, and I've got a free beta available if anyone's interested in trying it out. I created Rocket Broadcaster as an alternative to Mixxx, SAM Broadcaster, and BUTT because I wanted to something more streamlined. One of the handiest features Rocket has is it can capture audio from all other apps on your PC - That means it can broadcast audio from iTunes, Spotify, Skype, etc. It can also captures audio from your mic. Right now, it supports the Icecast protocol only, along with MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Opus, and Ogg FLAC (lossless). For the power users, it also supports multiple streams/encoders at once, SSL for Icecast, and the ability to choose which network adapter your streams run over. (This is handy if you have a backup internet connection - For example, you can have two streams running over two separate internet connections, so that if one internet connection goes down, the other keeps streaming seamlessly.) Lastly, the software supports sending metadata and can automatically capture metadata from window titles, so you can capture metadata from whatever's playing your tracks (like Spotify or Winamp). If anyone's interested in trying it out, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! You can leave me feedback here in this thread or email me directly. Download the beta for Windows here (expires in Nov - free version to come after that) Screenshot: Thanks guys! Albert
  6. I am a new user of SAM Broadcaster and I am experimenting with the automation. This is my 3 playlist rotation programming idea: I have one playlist called "TOP 20" that has my Top 20 newest and best songs. I have a second playlist called "Top 40" that has my Top 40 songs. (Those that have exhausted the Top 20 and/or are not the "BEST of the BEST") I have a third playlist called "GOLD" that has 1200 great songs. I want SAM to play one song from the 1st playlist, then one song from the 2nd playlist, then one song from the third playlist. Without repeating any songs until the playlists are each exhausted. Essentially estimating it will repeat songs from the 1st playlist more (every 4 hours EST) 2nd playlist (every 8 hours) and from the third every few days or weeks. etc. So I have it set to play least played and do not repeat accordingly. Is this the correct way to accomplish this? I feel I am doing something wrong. The problem arises when I add any new music. I would have to reset the play counts or else it will screw up the rotation. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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