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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all It's been a while, but finally here are some more free imaging FX for you to download. This time some samples from MiskFX5. Just click on the blue "FREE SAMPLER DOWNLOAD" button for 5 free FX http://www.miskaudio.com/product/miskfx5/ Hope you find them of use. Al Miskin Miskaudio.com
  2. Hi there! I've just added some more free imaging FX (Free FX 7) - it's a sampler of some of the FX available on the site. http://www.miskaudio.com/products-page/free-fx/ As always feel free to use them in your production/imaging/jingles. Plus there's a couple of other free FX packs up there if you haven't already downloaded them. Hope you like them! Al Miskin Miskaudio.com
  3. For radio stationsLatin Noise 06.mp3 Latin Noise 01.mp3 Latin Noise 02.mp3 Latin Noise 03.mp3 Latin Noise 04.mp3
  4. Download and enjoysfx_beeper_powe.mp3 sfx_alarming_ender.mp3 sfx_atomic_swoosh.mp3 sfx_boomer_the_phraser.mp3 sfx_bed_ramp_n_trans.mp3
  5. I only say hiFX_AC_BENT_STOPPER.mp3 FX_AC_BASIC_WIPE.mp3 FX_AC_AIRY_SWOOSH.mp3 FX_AC_A_WIERD_ONE.mp3 FX_AC_Fast_Past.mp3
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