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Found 19 results

  1. The restream.io is an online service. Using Restream you can stream games on Youtube, Twitch, UStream, Livestream, Hitbox and many other services at the same time. It is essential for streamers willing to expand their audience.
  2. Noticed there's been an update for Altacast plugin for RadioDJ http://altacast.com/ v2.5.5 was released today. It's been tested on Windows10 and is working and showing up in the program this time. You can find the basic instructions on how to install it alongside RadioDJ Here Please note: Altacast for RadioDJ is a 3rd party plugin it is NOT written by me or the author of RadioDJ. it is a totally separate program. Software is supplied as seen. We cannot be held responsible if Altacast crashes or doesn’t work on your your system. If you should run into any problems then you can try asking a question about Altacast on the RadioDJ forums.
  3. Not only for royal wedding or super star’s wedding, live wedding is more and more welcomed and adopted by common citizens. NSCaster is a great solution for those who want live stream their weddings.You can customize your live wedding effects with NSCaster systems just as you customizing your wedding procedures. NSCaster can not only record and broadcast live scene, but also load prepared media files and even make remote connections with relatives and friends who cannot attend the wedding. Those unable to attend because of illness, flight delays, weather etc. still can be a part of your special day.It allows audiences to watch real-time live wedding and share the feelings of the joyful and happiness from anywhere worldwide with internet access. The number one thing for live wedding is the broadcast safety, making sure everything will work during the wedding site while NSCaster give you the chance to prepared before wedding. Customized CG and virtual scene, predefined media files, remote videos, makes your live wedding under control.
  4. NSCaster is HD streaming software. NSCaster streaming setting can modify as user like. NSCaster have only some default settings because its HD and support up to 108060p These setting for 720HD NSCaster recommends settings to Hitbox.tv send a single stream at 720p resolution using the following settings: [TABLE=width: 560] [TR] [TD]Quality [/TD] [TD]Resolution [/TD] [TD]Video Bitrate [/TD] [TD]Audio Bitrate [/TD] [TD]Frames Per Second [/TD] [TD]Video Codec [/TD] [TD]h.264 Profile [/TD] [TD]Keyframe interval [/TD] [TD]Audio Codec [/TD] [TD]Audio Channels [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]HD 720 [/TD] [TD]1280x720 [/TD] [TD]1000 - 2000 kbps [/TD] [TD]48-128kbps [/TD] [TD] 30 [/TD] [TD]h.264 [/TD] [TD]Main [/TD] [TD]2 Seconds [/TD] [TD]AAC [/TD] [TD]Mono or Stereo [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] It’s for continues streaming to hitbox.tv HD quality. These settings for 1080p NSCaster recommends settings to Hitbox.tv send a single stream at 1080p resolution using the following settings: [TABLE=width: 560] [TR] [TD]Quality [/TD] [TD]Resolution [/TD] [TD]Video Bitrate [/TD] [TD]Audio Bitrate [/TD] [TD]Frames Per Second [/TD] [TD]Video Codec [/TD] [TD]h.264 Profile [/TD] [TD]Keyframe interval [/TD] [TD]Audio Codec [/TD] [TD]Audio Channels [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]HD 1080 [/TD] [TD]1920x1080 [/TD] [TD] 4,000-8,000 kbps [/TD] [TD] 128kbps [/TD] [TD]30* [/TD] [TD]h.264 [/TD] [TD]Main or High [/TD] [TD]2 Seconds [/TD] [TD]AAC [/TD] [TD]Stereo [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] It’s for continues streaming to hitbox.tv HD quality. · For successful live streaming, you need a high quality internet connection. A connection that is sufficient to check email or load web pages may not be good enough for streaming. You don't need "an" internet connection, you need a high quality internet connection, particularly to do uninterrupted HD streaming. · Not all connections are of the same quality. You want to use a wired ethernet connection and not use WiFi as WiFi connections are more prone to fluctuation in quality and can more easily drop. · If you are not on a coporate network, you can check with your internet service provider to purchase a plan that has the appropriate level of service for streaming.
  5. Achieve connecting and broadcasting all kinds of Church events and provide unbelievable live experience by all-in-one live studio NSCaster. Remote connections NSCaster allows church members connecting any events by remote attendance. For those who unable to attend the events, they have the choice to watch online at home or connect their video and audio calls by computer/mobile devices into the site and also get a CD copy/video files after events. In this way, it provides an alternative way with community members to raise the retention. Set up a live studio in the church in a most convenient way With only NSCaster device and camera inputs, recording and broadcasting can be realized to present all congregations locally or worldwide. With the help of our mobile app. VJLiveEncoder, mobile devices can also be used as camera inputs to satisfy your multiple view request and further reduce your recording cost. More valuable effects NSCaster brings to you *No need to deal with complex contract with streaming suppliers, do it by yourself in an easy and practical way *Gain more flexibility in terms of camera settings, event durations, activities procedures as everything under control by the host *Largely increse the awareness and involvement of potential audience
  6. [h=1]1080p @60fps[/h]· When scheduling Events, make sure to check the 60fps box in the Ingestion Settings tab. Stream now will auto-detect the frame rate and resolution. · Resolution: 1920x1080 · Video Bitrate Range: 4,500 - 9,000 Kbps 1080p · Resolution: 1920x1080 · Video Bitrate Range: 3,000 - 6,000 Kbps 720p @60fps · When scheduling Events, make sure to check the 60fps box in the Ingestion Settings tab. Stream now will auto-detect the frame rate and resolution. · Resolution: 1280x720 · Video Bitrate Range: 2,250 - 6,000 Kbps 720p · Resolution: 1280x720 · Video Bitrate Range: 1,500 - 4,000 Kbps recommend for nscaster [h=2]Encoder settings[/h][TABLE=width: 200] [TR] [TD]Protocol: [/TD] [TD]RTMP Flash Streaming [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Video codec: [/TD] [TD]H.264 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Frame rate: [/TD] [TD]up to 60 fps [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Keyframe frequency: [/TD] [TD]Recommended 2 seconds do not exceed 4 seconds [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Audio codec: [/TD] [TD]AAC [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Bitrate encoding: [/TD] [TD]CBR [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  7. Hello, i just want to know what Audio Processor is your radio station currently using, whether hardware or software audio processor. for my radio station, i am using Stereo Tool which is a very nice processor.
  8. My name is J. Boles, Radio Broadcaster from Childress, Texas. I stumbled upon this forum while searching for discussions related to remote broadcast streaming equipment. To jump right into what's on my mind, I've been using AudioCompass as my software, and although it's a bit pricy, it works pretty darn well with minimal delay. I'm pretty happy with that, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to discuss equipment. I've tried many different setups and have not found the perfect one. Either it's too bulky or too complicated for my play-by-play guys. I have four radio stations, and have had live events going in seven different locations in a single night in the past. I'd like to put together something fairly small, fairly inexpensive, and rock-solid. When I say inexpensive, I've put together equipment, including a mixer, computer, aircard, and a single Beyer-Dynamic or Audio-Technica headset with a cheap crowd mic for under $1000.00. I have some ideas on specific equipment, but I'm sure there are some experts who belong to this forum who wouldn't mind sharing their experiences. Thanks to the admin for the site! It's difficult to find a place to discuss everything related to broadcasting. I look forward to meeting you all, sharing my experiences, and learning from yours. J. Boles
  9. Just thinking out loud.... Would anyone be able to give any advice on this, Im looking to set up a very basic replay system, one input. There are a handful of chase play systems for mega dollars, but there must be a simple solution, I have been thinking about the possibility of using a Coax Sat/Cable box with live pause and rewind etc.. Very common and cheap, comes with HDD and all that, If i could somehow get a cdmi/sdi signal to feed into the unit as a vhf/uhf signal it should work??? IS there a cost effective way to convert HDMI/SDI to Coax UHF/VHF in HD?? Not looking for anything wireless just coax converter, Surely the cable box would be able to pick up the signal?? With this, I would feed the HDMI output of the Cable box into the mixer, Throw a upstream keyer logo "REPLAY" or similar over the onscreen pause rewind graphics if there are any and this should all work.... Or am i missing something?? Any advice would be much appreciated
  10. Hello from Mumbai, I have been following this forum for a while now and today decided to join today. I have to say, some of the posts are really informative and insightful. I hope to seek your guidance as far as my career is concerned. I am an engineer by education. I have been working with a webcasting solution provider since last 3 years. I took this job out of curiosity as there aren't many live streaming companies in India/Mumbai. My job involves on-site execution and I have executed around 400 shows/events over last 3 years. Now due to circumstances and lack of vision from the management, I am thinking of moving on. But this is where it gets tricky. I am somehow not able to anticipate the next move. I am not sure about joining any other of competitor because of my company is quite ahead of the rest. I am not exactly able to explore other options when it comes to broadcasting/streaming because it is an emerging field in India and as of now, not many people are aware of it. Can you suggest me alternatives? Having done CCNA and CCNP (only routing), I am familiar with networking basics. I have worked with Wowza, Akamai, Windows Server 2008, Wirecast etc though I am not much into 'coding'. Lots of you guys here are experts and I hope you can give me your two cents. Be it about any professional/post graduation course or any technology because there is serious lack of resources in India as far as this broadcasting/live streaming is concerned. Awaiting your response. Thanks
  11. Hello! I'm working on my new project myownradio.biz. It will be radio streaming platform for playlist-based internet radio stations. Anyone can sign up and create own web radio station using only browser. Now project is in beta testing. If interested you can help me to improve service functionality with testing it. Web address: https://myownradio.biz/ Supported audio formats: MP3, OGG, FLAC, M4A, AAC Streaming formats: MP3 (128K, 256K), AAC+ (24K, 32K, 64K, 128K) Any questions or bugs are welcome. Thank you!
  12. Hi, Everyone, Great to know you at BW. This is Sean Song from Sugr Electronics which is a startup company focusing on Internet streaming speakers. I like radio very much, I studied radio at colleague and listen to radio almost every day. I just want to invent some easy to use speakers for radio lovers including myself. I shuffle between Dallas and Shenzhen where most of our engineering and manufacturing facilities are. Nice to know you all. Cheers, Sean
  13. .::WEEKLY SPECIALS AT CROSSFIRE HOSTING::.. At Crossfire Hosting clients are our top priority, we offer 99% guaranteed server uptime with 1GB port connection to our servers. Tickets response: Less than 1HR guaranteed - Feel free to visit us at http://www.crossfire-hosting.com and speak with one of our bilingual representatives. Current Specials: Shoutcast V1.9 Super Sale 96 KBS - 10GB FREE Extra HD - 96 Kbps Rate 500 Maximum Listeners Shoutcast V1.9 Free Auto DJ 30 Gigs Hard Drive Space 5% Percent Discount (PROMO CODE - WKLSPECIAL-5) Price: $13.25 + 5& discount = $12.58 (You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) Shoutcast V1.9 Super Sale 128 KBS - 10GB FREE Extra HD - 128 Kbps Rate 500 Maximum Listeners Shoutcast V1.9 Free Auto DJ 30 Gigs Hard Drive Space 5% Percent Discount (PROMO CODE - WKLSPECIAL-5) Price: $14.75 + 5& discount = $14.01 (You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) Shoutcast V1.9 Super Sale 192 KBS - 10GB FREE Extra HD - 192 Kbps Rate 500 Maximum Listeners Shoutcast V1.9 Free Auto DJ 30 Gigs Hard Drive Space 5% Percent Discount (PROMO CODE - WKLSPECIAL-5) Price: $18.00 + 5& discount = $17.10 (You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) Shoutcast V1.9 Super Sale 224 KBS - 10GB FREE Extra HD - 224 Kbps Rate 500 Maximum Listeners Shoutcast V1.9 Free Auto DJ 30 Gigs Hard Drive Space 5% Percent Discount (PROMO CODE - WKLSPECIAL-5) Price: $20.00 + 5& discount = $19.00 (You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) Shoutcast V1.9 Super Sale 256 KBS - 10GB FREE Extra HD - 256 Kbps Rate 500 Maximum Listeners Shoutcast V1.9 Free Auto DJ 30 Gigs Hard Drive Space 5% Percent Discount (PROMO CODE - WKLSPECIAL-5) Price: $22.00 + 5& discount = $20.90 (You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually) Shoutcast V1.9 Super Sale 320 KBS - 15GB FREE Extra HD - 320 Kbps Rate 500 Maximum Listeners Shoutcast V1.9 Free Auto DJ 35 Gigs Hard Drive Space 5% Percent Discount (PROMO CODE - WKLSPECIAL-5) Price: $24.00 + 5& discount = $22.80 (You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually) Thank you for looking at our specials, these are some of our products, we also offer WHMSonic and Webhosting too. Orders are almost instant once one of our representatives verifies the order You can place your order here: https://billing.crossfire-hosting.com/cart.php?gid=251 Got Questions? Feel free to contact us at: https://billing.crossfire-hosting.com/submitticket.php
  14. Hi All, Well we are new to this forum but certainly not to online radio streaming. As well as our hosting business we are a production company, run our own radio network and produce shows for stations worldwide. Our true love is streaming and so now we have joined this forum we thought we would offer something special and give a free trial so you can judge us for yourself! Here is our limited offer (not available on our website). 100 Listeners Unlimited Bandwidth 128Kbps 2GB Storage Centovacast Automation Shoutcast V1, V2 or Icecast KH $15 per month of $150 per year Exclusive to forum members! FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) - Offer Subject to withdrawal subject to availability. We also offer awesome dedicated servers - Special LIMITED offer for forum members: Dedicated Server - All yours to love 100Mbps Dedicated Connection Airtime Cloud Automation 500GB Hard Drive Icecast KH Fully configured ready to go! $79.95 per month or $695 per year LIMITED STOCKS (Offer valid until 15th June or when current stocks are sold). This is just a small selection of what we offer and these deals are only available via this forum as our way of saying "hi"!. Dedicated servers are not available on free trial but non dedicated packages are all available for free test of one month. Check out our other deals at www.radiostreamingworld.com. We believe that everyone can claim to be the best and make promises but by offering a no obligation trial of our service you can draw your own conclusions with no obligation! Get in touch by email to info@radiostreamingworld.com for more info or to order!
  15. Hi all, I'm looking to start and internet radio station and I'm wondering what the best way to set it up is. I'd like to stream live shows (mostly talk) and have multiple guests as well as live callers. My thinking was that I would use some sort of mixing software and record and broadcast directly from my computers sound card. But I'm not to savvy on how this would work and figured there is probably an established solution that most people use. The simpler the better. I currently use Instant Teliseminar for one of my businesses and wondered if maybe I could somehow use that to broadcast the live shows and take calls, but then record it all directly via my computers sound card so that it sounded much better quality for the podcast which how I imagine the majority of my listeners will consume the content. Are there any services out there that would allow me to do this simply? I've done my share of Googling Internet Radio Software and such, but everything find seems to offer a few of the things I want but not all. Just to restate, I'm just looking to have multiple guests call in remotely, and take live calls as well as stream the show live. but I want to be able to record it so that the podcast recordings sounds better than what I hear coming from so many of the shows out there. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  16. I have a few broadcasters that I work with who would like to use Android phones (specifically Galaxy S4s) as their entire broadcasting platform for live events. In specific, sporting events. The broadcasting setup right now is usually to have two microphones (one for ambient sound aimed at a crowd, and one for the broadcaster themselves) plugged into an Alesis mixing board. A pair of headphones is also plugged into the mixing board. All sound quality, levels, mixing, etc. is handled on the board and regular USB 2.0 comes out and plugs into a Laptop. The laptop takes the audio and simply pushes it over to IceCast servers using Edcast Reborn and MP3/Ogg Vorbis encoders. Advertisements are played as static audio files on the laptop through any old media player like Windows Media Player or even iTunes. However now some broadcasters want to be able to use their Android phones as the entire broadcasting platform. Is there anyone out there doing internet streaming from their Android devices that could offer some advice? My thought is that it's going to be tough, if not impossible, to recreate the exact level of experience for the broadcasters on a phone. I thought to get rid of the 4-channel mixing board and simply use a pair of headphones with a mic in them for the broadcaster, use DropBox on the phone to handle advertisement files so that they can be synced with a PC somewhere in the control room of a station, and then use something like the app BroadcastMyself to tie it all together. The only trouble is that broadcasters want to hear themselves in the headset. So perhaps I'll need to keep the mixer in the equation, however that has so far been a headache to find an app that can take USB audio input and hand it off to a streaming app like BroadcastMyself. Is anyone out there using their Androids as a live streaming platform to backend IceCast servers? Any advice or thoughts in general?
  17. Hey guys I'm new here and had a few questions on streaming to ustream or twitch. Question 1What's the best way to connect 3 cameras and a capture card from a ps3 to a pc. If I'm recording in hd will fire wire have enough bandwidth to handle that much info or is there a better alternative . Also will my computer explode ( I have a massive comp rig )Also is this even possible on one pc. Question 2 Software wise what's the best for streaming multiple sources at once. I'm hoping to be able to record all the cameras also while streaming . Is there any software that will let me do this. I want to record each camera source as its own file separately while streaming. Question 3 Audio wise what's the best way to handle and mix this during production for 4 sources . I know this is a lot of questions , just wondering what others think. Just looking for the best way to do this , doesn't need to be all on one pc can be multiple comps and other gear too. Thanks in advance.
  18. At Stream-Server we provide professional and reliable Shoutcast and Icecast Stream Servers for internet radio stations or anyone that just wants to have a go at broadcasting their own radio shows. Whether you need a server with the ability to support only 10 listeners or 500 listeners we have the right streaming plan for you! Check out our shoutcast stream plans and solutions Here
  19. Feel free to respond as any solutions may help someone else. As for me I have decided to go back to windows an buy SAM. I think this will work best for my station. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am trying to find a streaming program that is compatible with Linux Mint 13 or 14. Here is what I've tried so far: BUTT but I can't install it because it says it's not a debian file and I can't find a link to a Windows version to install with Wine. EdCast installs beautifully with Wine but then I can't open it SAM have not tried yet but would appreciate any input If you know a version of Linux that ANY of these programs will work with please let me know. I really want to use something that is an all-in-one solution that I can also use to record the stream. I don't want to have to run anything else like Winamp in the background. I am very new to Linux (like yesterday) so speak slowly please Thank you in advance!
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