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How to Write commercials


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Hullo Campers


I am often asked how I come up with stuff for Commercials (besides those I do myself, I often write them for other VO people). The trick is to know something about what your trying to sell! You not only have to convice the people who's products your promoting, you have to sell the Buying Public. This means bringing emotion to the table.


VoiceOvers are Acting...dont let anyone tell you different. The problem is people cant see your face to gather any inflection. You have to do it with your voice. You not only have to inform, you have to entertain. Writing a script about a product you have to remember 3 basic rules. Explaining what the product is, what it does and what it means to the consumer to have it! Below is an example of a commercial I did (the voiceover person is Vin Cortina) and he does a GREAT job with the script I wrote. In this case, Meth Coffee! We explained the 3 basic rules and included what the product wasnt (No meth-amphetamine etc).


Another one I am asked is about PSAs (Public Service Announcments) here the same rules apply. Your trying to convey the need as the product. Explaining just how it works and getting the listeners involved. In this case, I'll use my own PSA about donations. This will give you an idea of how we addressed the sensitive idea of asking people for money!


Bottom line is...writing a clever commercial, jingle or PSA isnt hard. It takes thought, a sence of timing, a little planning and even a sense of humor. If you can have fun with it, by all means do so. The biggest problem i've run into was customers who wrote their own commercials and then found out later their idea didnt work. I try to come up with an alternative for them. Convincing them to give you a degree of latitude can be one of the hardest things to do.

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