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The Internet Radio Awards!

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Hi Everyone,


Thought this project I am working on, may be of some interest to some of you :)


About The Internet Radio Awards


The Internet Radio Awards has been set up to provide a place where internet radio stations can compete against others to reach the #1 spot. Each year, the listeners will vote for their favourite internet radio station and help that station reach the top spot. The top spot creates a lot of opportunities for internet radio stations around the world! Such as an increased listener base, an increased station reputation and most importantly, an increased advertising revenue.




Well, the team behind the Internet Radio Awards have all been massively involved in, or have previously owned stations. We all know how hard it is to maintain the station, find the right content, pick up the listeners and most importantly create a revenue. We figured that if there was an award available for the stations that have put the most they can into their station, that this award would be a massive advantage when looking to source new advertisers, and secure new revenue streams.


What do I win?


Well, as well as winning self satisfaction and a virtual pat on the back from everyone involved, there are also over £600 worth of prizes for the 1st place winner! Also, we couldn't forget about 2nd place, could we? Well we've got over £100 worth of prizes for them :)


How does the voting work?


Once a station signs up, they get access to their promotion control panel, which contains voting buttons, promotional banners and audio advertisements. Listeners get one vote per week, to vote for their favourite internet radio station. The reason for this, is that they may hear one station, enjoy it, then vote for that station. A week later, they find another station which they like. It's basically to balance the voting.


We monitor the amount of hits each station gets to it's website, and log all the votes. We then create a conversion ratio of hits to votes. When the voting closes, our team pick stations out of the list at random and rate the quality of their broadcast, and where applicable, award more points.


What benefits do I get?


Come on!! You're signing up for free to win prizes, for free, and you want benefits! --- Okay :)


When a station registers with us, they receive a special promotional code which they can use to redeem discounts on jingles and voicovers from our "Pre-Approved" production partners, which can be found in your station control panel.


PLUS, you also receive access to The Net 40!


The what forty??


The Net 40 is a completely free, unbranded, user generated chart show that you are completely free to syndicate on your station. Compiling a chart show that has some validity is hard, so we take the stress out of it.


If you think about it this way, if every station has a chart show that they've built themselves, there's no real validity to that chart. Why should people check that out if they can listen to the official charts?


Well, with The Net 40, your listeners can sign up and vote for their favourite tracks each and every week, and because we're syndicated on many stations at once, that chart starts to become very accurate.


Plus, imagine someone coming across your station, from the shoutcast yp, and hearing the presenters saying hello to a lot of people every few songs, your image is bound to go up.


Okay, so what do I do now?


Head on over to www.internetradioawards.co.uk and sign up for free. It's that simple.. BUT, hurry, registrations close 31st August 2008 and won't open again until February 2009!



Hope to see you all competing shortly!


Best of luck,



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