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Request for .mp3 file


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can we get some kind of commercial like thing that says,


Get cheap web hosting at 55host.net for only $3.95


something cool like that would be fine, :)

Your post is showing up as unreadable.

Remember, you need to post a script for the voiceover artists to read out. They do not make the scripts for you! Please use "Quotes" to clearly guide out your script.



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Well thats the one thing I stay away from for free myself. I'll do a jingle or a promo for an Internet Station for free cause I know how broke we all are. But when it comes to recording an advertisement or commercial ad. Thats where the freebee's stop. If its something to make someone money on, then we can negotiate a paying deal.


Sorry but I dont do commercials for free. Dont know anyone who would.



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