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Cheap Shoutcast Server


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Hey Guys, iv just brought a dedicated server, should be up and running in the next couple of days,


its has

2gb ram

unlimited bandwidth


so should be enough for about 5 or 6 shoutcast servers,


if you want a shoutcast please let me know


im probly going to be doing


128KBPS and 100 slots for £5 a month


im not here to make money its mainly to help keep the costs down for my self


the server should be up in the next couple days so you can have a test if you want


its just the server i can offer, it doesn't come with a control panel or a restart, but if you want a backup.mp3 or and intro.mp3 you can have that no problem, or just use it as a relay server you will get FTP access to it



if interested please pm me or email me


chris.murrell at gmail.com





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yer its unmetred, i asked the guy that i didnt want any limitations, so we did a good deal




thats it on there



  • Intel® Pentium™ IV 3.2 GHZ
  • 2048MB DDR-RAM
  • 1 x 40GB 7.2K RPM IDE-HDD
  • 3000GB Bandwidth

but i with extra bandwidth, and only with a 40gb hdd which is only what i want.


and its a 100mbit connection, will find out when i get it up to 3 day setup period


"all servers are empowered with 100Mbps ethernet ports and three IP addresses, with absolutely no limits or caps on server speeds"




shouldent have any trouble running it, i could run more if i needed to, but as i said im not out to make money, just need some of the cost back on it



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According to what you posted, there is a 3,000 GB bandwidth limit monthly and also on their website.


That will only get you about 75 slots @ 128kbps.

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