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A Frew People To Try A Couple Liners And Jingles Please


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Hey I was wondering if you please would help me out... I was wondering if I could get a few people to make liners or jingles.


Here is a few..


Pulse-Radio... You think you have nerves to listen, then listen to DJMATTEY with the Mixxed Blitz Show every Monday 7pm-10pm, Wednesday 7pm-9pm and Friday's 5pm-10pm Eastern Time. Pulse-Radio is Where The Music Comes Alive!


You think SuperMan just saves the world, SuperMan is also DJMATTEY playing all your favorite hits from today and the yesterday forgotten oldies only on http://www.pulse-radio.com


Thanks for tuning into Pulse-Radio... If you would like to IM DJMATTEY for a request... Get him on Yahoo Messenger at jeffmattey2000 or AIM Messenger at DJMATTEY1049. ANd as always Thanks for listening to Pulse-Radio.


You think Irish is good, You think Boat is great, You think Gambit Rocks, well this is Better Than That. Oh yeah!! Way Better Then That. This is DJMATTEY on Pulse-Radio Playing the hits.


And as always thanks in advance for the liners and jingles.

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