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Voice Over Please?


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Hi BW! Long time no post (besides the other day). I am in need of some new liners and intros fully produced (if possible) in return...if we use your work...we will give you free advertising on our site! Here are the Liners I need:



"You've heard our old station. Now enjoy the new one! Welcome to the new sound of Blue Stone Radio"


"Welcome to Blue Stone Radio LIVE. Today we are celebrating the new studio, new show and DJ Brian's 18th birthday! Don't go no where"


"The best rock, punk and metal music from all your favorite artists. Right here on Blue Stone Radio."


"Don't go no where.....We'll be right back after this"


"Your Live with Jon and Brian on Blue Stone Radio. For more info please visit our website at WWW DOT BLUE STONE GUYS DOT COM"


"DJ Jon"


" DJ Brian"


"Blue Stone Radio"










PS. Remember that the station is punk/rock so any producing that is done please try to make it sound punkish.

Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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