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Greets from the Wacky, warped and weird every week....


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Greetings from Canada...


I'm currently producing a weekly salute to cheezy music called "Cheeze Pleeze" To sum it up, it's "The Wacky, Warped and Weird" every week with hosts Snarfdude and Daffodil. From embarrasing celebrity recorded songs, to polka, campy covers of hit songs, hosts Snarf and Daffy tie it all together with their silliness in a weekly 1/2 hour you'd think you were listening to a tornado it goes by so fast....but we're easier on your hairdo.


The Show is available free to LPFM/Community and internet stations worldwide.


check us out at www.cheezepleeze.com


drop a line if you're interested in running us.


Take Care



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