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Total Listening Hours


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Hi there.

I saw a post by MadChatter, saying that in the first year his station had X TLH (I guess it means "total listening hours"), the second year XX TLH, the third year XXX TLH.

How do you calculate the listening hours?


Thank you very much.


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Depending on your Streaming Provider or utils you might use. It's not that hard. There are services out there that can track everything from peak listening times to IP specific listeners and how long they listen on average. Generating a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Total Listener Hour report. Live365, for example, has one that comes with every account. Our first 2 years there we were able to track total listener hours this way. When we moved to ShoutZone I set us up with a RadioStats script that utilizes Shoutcasts own internal tracking and connected it to a MySQL database. Which provides me with Daily, Weekly and Monthly statistics on IP specific listener trends. There are online companies who actually provide this as a service as well for very little money (bout $5 a month on average).


The reason for going with an IP specific listener trending setup is to get a REAL view of how many actual listeners we get. (Some stations have people tuning in 3 or 4 times which can throw off the reading) I am working on setting up a GeoTracker in the future (much like Live365) so I can see what countries people are listening, how often, times and hours. While I am sure that there are scripts out there that could do this. I'd rather not battle with someone elses programming too much. It's been a long hard process and I still have a way to go.


Check around, ask your provider what they offer (if anything) or check on the Shoutcast scripting sites. Maybe there is something that will fit your needs!



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MadChatter, thank you for your reply.


Does anybody know any 3rd party services that count total listening hours and give stats?


I know there is at least one, I remember i have seen their site, but I can't find anything now.


Thank you.

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Any of the hosts that use a good Control Panel will have fairly good statistics.


I know some hosts do not supply any, but I can't mention them.


Just check their control panels and you will get a good idea of what they supply.

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