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SAM Broadcast question from a Dumbhead!

Arfa B

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There are two types of script you can set up in there (that I have discovered anyway!).

One is a .cwf (clockwheel) and the other is a pal script. Right, can you run (or should that be ruin ;-) both or will there be conflicts? and does one take preference over the other???


thanks in Advance.


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Thank You!

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Well supposedly they are designed to work together. When you create a ClockWheel in your Event Scheduler its designed to activate a certain or series of commands at particular times, these ARE your Pal Scripts.


When you want SAM to activate a particular PAL script at a certain time, or if you want that Pal to be executed only only on a particular day at a certain hour. You would setup a ClockWheel to activate and run that particular Pal Script. Using the Event Scheduler you create the ClockWheel and add the pal script(s) you wish to run individually or in order. When you save that configuration is when you get the .cwf file so you can edit or remove it later (its more of a configuration file than a script).


Hope this helps!



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Don't worry about appearing a Dumbhead :retard:


Both clockwheels and PAL scripts are difficult to get to grips with unless you have experience with complex logic languages.


I have given up with anything beyond downloading the latest news bulletins or syndicated shows, loading playlists from a third party scheduler (I use Music 1), or inserting the news during complete automation.


There are plenty of people in the Spacialnet forums who can help you out with anything more complex.

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Sure, there are plenty of people at spacial.net who CAN help, but rarely do. They seem to have a "tough love" or a "learn to swim by throwing the kid into the water, hopefully he won't drown" type of attitude over there. They tell people to RTFM, basically, yet the manual for SAM is one of the worst written I have ever seen.


MADcHATTER is correct with his explanation. Write PAL scripts and/or clockwheels for some things, and use the event scheduler to fire them off at predetermined times.


An easy way to get around the steep learning curve in at least the basic programming is to start a new event, and choose ADD FILES TO QUEUE. Use that template to create the functions you want: add a file, add a playlist, a category, a URL, whatever. You can set that event to launch whenever you want right there as a clockwheel. It'll keep on repeating itself until another clockwheel starts running, which you will set up. You can also set it up to play as a PAL script by cutting or copying (CTL X or C) and pasting it into the PAL script field.


Since you've never done this before, I assume you'll need help creating a PAL script for the very first time. To set up a brand new PAL script:

Step 1:In SAM go to PAL script window, by default it is on Desktop B.

Step 2: Click on the Add ("+") button. This will open the script options dialog.

Step 3: Next to the script source file, click on browse ("folder") button located to the right of the edit field. Enter the name of the script you want to load, or, if the script does not exist, the name of the script to create.


That new pal script will now show up in the pal script window. Hit the configure button and paste the text into that field, save it. You can use the event scheduler to fire that script off whenever you want.


Here's what I do at my station:


I run one clockwheel, a basic category-based rotation of songs, ID's, jingles, etc. that continually plays. I program a daily PAL script to add day-specific commercials and show promos into the queue at the top and bottom of every hour. I use the event scheduler to start the new days' script to play at a specified time every week. (7 days means 7 PAL scripts)


I hope this helps and does not further confuse you. PM or email me if you need to.



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