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Hello Everyone:


I wished to introduce myself and our NativeRadio.com radio station. We have been broadcasting Native American music to the world for almost a decade and are currently the largest source of Native music in the world and we rank #1 (1st page, 1st position) on all four major search engines.


Ironically, we are also in the top 1.5% of all website traffic in the United States. Truly a testament to the beauty and mystery of Native American music!


Having been a Webmaster for 15 years and completing over 370 websites, I will start to pass along some tips and techniques on how you can improve your own search engine rankings. Please stop by and sign our guestbook (tip it will dramatically improve your own rankings..wink :glad:).


We hope you enjoy your journey to NativeRadio.com. It was created to please your senses, and tug at your heart. We hope we have succeeded.




Patrick Doyle





(Thanks James for reaching out to us!)


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Aquai Wauntheet Monnitoow N’nanapowak utchi. Komeekha!


TRANSLATION: Hello Shining Spirit of my people. Come in & Be at home!


Welcome to BroadcastingWorld. I hope you and yours enjoy your stay! Have fun and dont hesitate to ask if you need something!



Ch'awna T'weyho!

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