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For free..

1. In your fourm signature.. avatar..

2. do some advertising exchanges with other sites..

3. Using Our 10 Ways To Improve Your Station With BW

4. Add your station to station directories


For paid..

1. Google adwords

2. Buy some advertising

3. Buy a prize to give out to listeners.. it will attract crowds.. :)

4. get some stickers and promo gear made up.. its cheap and you can use it as a prize for people.


Tell me if this helps your ideas :)

If not, i can think of more hehe

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Actually I was looking for places to go buy advertising.adwords have not done much yet, you do have good ideas like signatures etc but that is i feel geared for smaller stations.We are aimed at a much bigger market.Our goal is to compete with Digitally Imported (di.fm)
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Thats a bit of spam (not here) but blogging wise.. You can get your blog deleted by that. Youd be better installing wordpress on your site and having a full function blog!


Or use the one on myspace (which will give more attention)


How do you mean m8 thats abit of spam dont get what you mean? call me daft lol should i not use blogger.com then?

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Well i wouldnt use it to just put a paragraph of your site up and link to it.. if you dont blog properly theres a small chance it will be deleted from bloggers database. :(

(if you dont blog properly) not sure if i understand anyway i delete the blog now might install wordpress l8tr ..Thanks JK

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locally just is not an option since we are in the states and techno and trance listens come from europe.We are looking into printed magazine but damn that aint cheap.We tried google adwords, starting with $100 monthly budget and have not got a single hit yet.Googles response to this is just to increase our budget.We really did not want to spend $1000 right off the bat because you never know which advertising perspective will help your station
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One option I can give you, is to go out in your local community and see what businesses fit into your demo area.


If you aren't sure what I mean by demo, it's short for demographic, so if you target the 18-30 year old male and female audience, you could try restaurants, bars, clubs, the whole works is there for you.


I had an advertiser a couple months back who gave me $100 to do a months worth of ads, plus come and do a LIVE EVENT from his business, and it worked out quite well, we had peak listenership with that event.


We also do live programming like Simulated Race broadcasts, with actually race leagues like Dale Earnhardt Jr's league, DMP, and it gets good results just because of the name behind the league.


To finish off this post, we even did an event last year and if our budget can grant it we'll do it again this year, we traveled about 45 miles from bour studios and did a live 2 day go kart event that netted about $300 profit, so if you find the right people in the right places, you can get places, and I have found it especially useful to target your local area, as some internet stations are going as local as possible.


So all I can say is to do the best job you can, and you might just wind up with some great contacts and advertisers.

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I have to ask why is Datman Bumping OLD threads???


Previous Post was in 2008 ????

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Sometimes it can be hard but you could start trying to introduce new programs or similar. I experienced a station that put on a news program where listeners spoke with the presenter about what they think and then focus groups and community events. I know this may be hard but even this can be done pre-recorded.

Many Thanks

Benjamin Ely

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