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AKG Peception Series


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Hey, I just recently purchased new equipment and on a small budget. I paid $99 a piece for 5 AKG Perception 120...mics for my radio show. I was shocked with the quality so for my recording studio I bought 2 Perception 400's. AKG has a great line of condenser mics. Anyone else have anything to say about them?? If not, I recommend them for internet radio and some voice over work.


Let me know what ya think!

Jon Bova


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I have yet to hear "crappy" and "AKG" in the same sentence concerning microphones.

The Perception Series I am not as familiar with.

That said, I own an AKG C3000B wide diaphragm condenser.

Well made piece of hardware.

A bit pricier, but great for voice.


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