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Rivendell Radio Automation


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Ubuntu users don't have to go to sourgeforge.


I went into my Ubuntu Software Centre.


I just fired up Software centre on my ubuntu box and it doesn't find it.


Mind having said that rivendell is a Nightmare to set up even if you know the basic commands.

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Amen to that. Rivendell is a bear to setup and use. I guess, because I haven't managed it. Yet.


From what I can tell rivendell 2.2 is the current release version, but I can only find 1.7 (the one mentioned above) and 2.0 versions pre-built. I can't even build 2.2 on a current ubuntu (12). Its a powerful package and a lot of work has gone into it. Its a pity it isn't packaged better.

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Rivendell is a state of the art system which rivals the now extinct "SS32 & SS16" from scotts studios, those who say it was comparable to nexgen just insulted it. Rivendell is rock solid, the reason why everyone runs away from it is because its ooooh so scary linux lol,


COnsidering your average jock cant answer the genter properly during a show i understand why its not mainstream, but someday


FYI, anyone who wishes to see this thing in action PM me ill give you a private 1 on 1 tour of it on a test system, if you know linux or can read a book you will have it running in about 30 minutes, and i promise you it will blow whatever automation system you have away, oh did i mention its free


we use rivendell and have 10 djs remote vt it every day, it has all the features of BSI, ENco, Nexgen, WO, OMT, and all the others, plus its constantly evolving so if you want to code something new go for it


I would be happy to show any FM broadcaster a peek at this great system, give me a shout!

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If you have time to clarify one, for me, very important part/ issue at Rivendell. Specifically, when playlist is created I am not able, with the CTRL or any other key on the keyboard, to add to the list at least 5, 10 or more files/songs simultaneously - through Main Log/ADD/Select Cart, also the same problem is happening to me at editing Event? Therefore, if we talk about the same artist/author of songs, I have to go every time through the same process .. ADD/Select Cart and add just one song?! I want to make a list of songs from the same artist, but much faster.

Is it possible to fix this segment somewhere in the options, for one simple reason –it drastically slows the creation of the list or event? Or is it supposed to work like this; i.e. none can change it without coding knowledge?

Best regards,

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This should work seamlessly on a VPS the only time you might run into an issue, is if you are doing a live broadcast there probably will be a delay and issues with audio input.

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