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Legal issues of mentioning brand names


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That is very true. You need to watch what you say on the air because if you are slandering a company, you can get in a lot of trouble. Now, chances of them listening at that particular time, unless you are a HUGE station, remote, but it can happen. You also are providing free advertisement for them, and if they hadn't asked for advertisement from you, then you could be sending them unwanted traffic (believe it or not, some businesses don't want extra business).


The main deal is - the slander issue. If you are giving a company a bad rep, or talking about a company in a negative way, the case is, you should beat around the bush. Don't mention their exact company name, or don't mention them at all, however, many shows do talk about certain companies, etc.


In a nutshell - just watch what you say on the air. With experience, it will be easier to understand if you host/co-host a talk show, or talk in between songs, etc.


Hope that has helped.


Best Regards,


JJ the DJ

Jersey's Classic Rock - Owner

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You're right. Just like on television, sometimes they have to blur out someones shirt because they didn't have the rights to show the brand, or the brand did not want to be shown on that certain show or person, basically unwanted promotion. I think it also has alot to do with how big your audience and how you mention it though. If you created a bad name for McDonald's, that's a no, but if you were just like "yeah i went to mcdonalds" then no one probably cares...
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Let me give you my spin on this.


Mr Cadbury approaches a big station for advertising and they come up with a £500,000 deal over 3 months. I get a job there and happen to mention how much I like Nestle Milky Bar.


Mr Cadbury says 'stuff that' I am not paying 1/2MILLIOn for my advert when this bozo advertises Nestle FREE!


Bottom line is it COULD cost your station a lot of lost business.


From my years in Film advertising and TV, I can tell you that if you ever see a packet of Weetabix on the kitchen table in Eastenders, it has been paid for heavily by Weetabix.

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