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Are you affected by the US bank crunch?


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Well i just hear bush as been givin 700 Billion Dollar Bailout

But if things dont get any better we are all going to be affected..

British taxpayers will be liable for more than £150 billion of potentially toxic mortgage debt following the nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley, everytime you hear the news banks are in troble

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It has affected several British banks too (that had to be "rescued" i.e: bought by someone bigger) and I saw the effects of this at a London supermarket this morning.

I discovered that you can now buy a steak for £9, which made me a) want to scream b) made me feel like grabbing it and run away c) notice the security tag on it! (clever!) so I decided it was time to turn vegetarian.

Then I went to buy my usual 300g jar of coffee, to find that it is no longer available, instead you can buy all sorts of 100g coffee jars for the same price.

Maybe I should just give up my coffee too!

The crunch is going to turn me healthy!

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