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Lesbos Problems landing !!!!

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Guest Baabaa Productions

I am sure there is a joke here..... in the news this week a air traffic controller overslept.......



ATHENS (Reuters) - Two airplanes due to land on the Greek island of Lesbos had to circle above the Aegean sea for more than half an hour because an air traffic controller overslept, police said Monday.


An Olympic Airlines aircraft, arriving from the Greek capital Athens, and a Slovakian Airlines plane made several failed attempts to contact control tower personnel.

"They were calling the tower to get directions, but no one would answer," a police official, who declined to be named, told Reuters. "The woman later said she overslept."

The airport's secondary control service assisted the pilots to land after they had circled for 40 minutes. Police said the controller, who was not named, would be suspended for a few days.




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...now that she is suspended for a few days, does that mean the planes need to hang around longer till she gets back to work? LoL


And I wonder why on earth the controller who was on the previous shift ever left their position in the hot seat without their cover controller arriving! Surely they didn't just get up and go home before their shift cover arrived!! .... nawty!


"...oh look, my shift is over and noone to take over. Hmmm....stuff it, I need my bed, the planes can hang around till she gets here. If I don't go home to bed I might sleep in for tomorrow's shift!"


Seems "plane" to me that it was an honest mistake. Do you think sleepy head was "taxi'd" to her work that day? She shouldda come up with another excuse or at least have tried to "wing it". But her excuse is just "Landing" her in trouble. And now she will be chasing her "tail" alll day catching up on her work!


OK I'll stop! LoL

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