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Voice Over Jingle For Manchester Village radio


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Hi All,


I'm looking for a voice over for my radio station looking for " this is manchester village radio with dj clarkie on line across the UK get you track played today" or " your listening to manchester village radio 70's 80's all the latest music and dance ....ere we go!!"


Thanks in advance and if you own a website or myspace page let me have your link and I'll add you to my business listing as a thank you.





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Living in Manchester just now i wanted to listen to this one, loved the "ere we go" on them Arthur. I tried to Rep you for the download, but I couldn't as it stated I had to share my reps as I repped you before.


So, just wanted to say thx for letting mme listen to this one. Great work as always. Oh and I put a link to your website from mmine also, hope ya don't mind?

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