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Where to Start an Internet Radio Podcast?

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Just get it recorded. A podcast is nothing more than an MP3 really.


Then decide if its for Itunes ( complicated ) or a website.


Then get your developers to build a site that will allow you to upload those podcasts and people to download them.


Similarly if you talk to someone who knows what they are doing maybe from getafreelancer or something they can get you set up to feature in Itunes. :)

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If you need a spot at the internet where you can upload your files, and to allow access to stations, check out this link :


At the search tool you'll find a chapter "Audio" > "Radio Programs"

You are able to make an upload of any file (for ex a 1 hour set)

Visitors aka users can make a download of your file (set) as low or high bitrate and as .m3u

Hope this was usefull

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If I wanted to get into the world of radio podcasting, but I didn't want to be just another YouTuber, where would I start? I have a POV and an idea, but not a lot of tech know how. What's an easy way to begin?


well if you already have a site you could upload your mp3s there

and set up a xml feed from your site for users to download and

subscribe from


Example: http://cyba.fm/podcasts

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