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jingle or intro PLEASE

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Hey guya and gals


I have a weekly syndicated Christian rock show now being heard on AM Stations and internet radio, and i am missing something. I need a intro or jingle produced for my openings, I am noe good at wording these things so i will give you some info and have a free for all with it.


Show Name- Redneck Disciple Show


Type or music- Christian rock and hip-hop


show is carried by many internet stations as well as am stations


show web page- www.redneckdisciple.com/redneckshow


show slogans- postitave alturnative, raising the roof for christ. Jesus is in the Mix.


do what ya can with this if you need more info please email me at redneckdisciple@redneckdisciple.com


BTW finish it with some credits for yourself please and have fun


God Bless

Lee Conn

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Hello again,



You really should have gave a script...but here is what I got out of it.


They are dry reads but I'm sure that someone here could produce them..







PS. If you like my work, consider a donation.

Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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