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Hi Guys ok NO.1>> I have a flash website but took it down coz people said it took to long to load?? It takes its time for me the first time but then after that its quick but they say it still takes its time to load any idea why?...

NO.2>> can you place a php playing now code in a flash website?

Thanks JK

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No. 1 -


This is likely to be because when you viewed the site for the first time, it loaded it normally for the first time, then stored it in cache, so that any time you visited it before your cache expired it would load quickly.


Not to sound impolite, however just as a rule of thumb for most people browsing the net - unless they are very very interested in the site that is taking ages to load, they are unlikely to wait, and would probably exit your site.


I'm personally of the opinion that Flash is unnecessary for whole websites. Yes it's great for video and audio players, and smaller items like that, but entire flash sites I find very sluggish, besides which an entirely Flash site is less likely to get high on web searches because Search Engines can't read the pages / content.


No. 2 - Yes you can, you'll have to use ActionScript to execute 'GET' commands. Basically meaning that you create your Now Playing code on a separate page, and then include it in the Flash. An example is here - http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/flash_php_mysql.htm

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