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Whats Expected In November From BW?


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November is Summer where we are, its the love month. So we are giving more to our members!


Stream Host's

The new Stream Host reviews will be up and running on the 1st of November. We have many stream hosts in our forums and we feel other sites arent doing a good enough job for the Streaming Industry. Our new panel includes..

  • Room for more than one review.
  • Detailed streaming stats thanks to StreamAlerts
  • User comments
  • Comparison chart
  • Advanced and Simple modes for easy access
  • Full specs and descriptions
  • Easy to read layout

If you have any feature suggestions, please PM James. If you want to add your stream before the rush, PM James.


Voice Pro's

Our voice professionals is what keeps BW alive. If you are a voice pro and would like to contribute, PM James to get in our FREE group! Throughout November we are giving random donations out to the best Voices.


Premium Members

Our premium members will revieve 40% more storage than the regular standard member in November!


Registered Members

Our new look, like it? ;) Also you get everything we have to offer! Hehe, isnt that enough? :doh:


So as you can see, we are giving more to our members! If you have any suggestions, please reply here or PM me, im open to new concepts, ideas, competitions, WHATEVER! :biggrinthumb:


Have fun! ;)

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