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A couple of VO requests


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Hello. If possible, can somebody (or more than 1) have a go at the following voice overs? They go (separate ones):


1. "AdzFolio, trying to make an impression!"


2. "This video was produced by AdzFolio."


3. "Woofed! Random theme park discussions."

(when you say Woofed, the b sounds like a T)


4. "Woofed Radio. They say randomness can't be acheived?"



If possible, can number 1 be over any kind of bass music, nothing mainstream just a quick beat which is faded in/out? This isn't neccessary, but it'd help when I come to use them.


Numbers 2 & 3, can they sound a bit like the into from this video:


With that sweying music in the background?



Hope they're ok.






PS: If possible can they be in .mp3?

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