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To do it with a mixer, you will need either a behringer usb switch or another computer.


I have a computer going into an input where my music comes from, then it goes out into another computer with the net.

You can`t connect 2 computers to same stream? Well i didint think you could can you? This is the mixer i might get SAMSON TM500 STEREO MIXER 12 CHANNEL 250 WATT thanks JK

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One computer plays the music and goes INTO the mixer, then you add mics to the mixer. The output of the mixer goes into the second computer which has shoutcast loaded on it.


Easy as pie.

OK is that the only way to use 2 computers? If it is thats not a problem.OK i might be asking a silly question here or might be talking alot of money but how do others do it ?..One computer mixer desk and can play talk and take phone calls and everything is done with the mixer?

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One computer:

Computer goes out and into mixer input

Phone is connected to an iput on the mixer

microphones added to mixer

output goes into mic input on computer.


You would need a phone socket on mixer no ? or some kind of gadget?(edit) sorry you said before behringer usb switch Thanks JK

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