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If like me you really cant be bothered to visit all the sites to get birthdays, deaths, this day in history etc then try this www.x-trax.com If you are an AM or FM broadcaster in the UK they will send you a book once a month with the entire months show prep all in one place. If you are outside the UK or if you run an internet station then if you contact them they will set you up a password to link to the web version of the book. Once registered you can go to the site, pick a date and hey presto all the prep you need, you can either read it directly from the site or do what I do and cut and paste into word.


I attach a copy of my prep for tomorrow(24th Oct 08) so you can see what it looks like. (Sorry can't attach it as the file is to big for the forum, shame cos it's really good!!)




Keith D

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