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Hello From the Redneck Disciple Show


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Here is a little about me and God Bless You


A long time ago I thought I was called to preach, hummm I did a Jonah and ran fro years. Finally after years of running and praying the calling I had was made clear and the Whale Spit me out.

Here I thought I was called to minister ...well I was but not as a preacher, confused yet? I was!

I have always love music and wanted to be a DJ from as far back as I can remember, mom said I used to go around pretending to be Wolman Jack (hehe).

Few years ago I became disable and cant do much out side the house and already an internet junkie I stumbled into INTERNET RADIO, and it all began.

I started listening to the stations out there not getting what I wanted in Rock, Hip-Hop and worship, being a Mixed Music lover all my life.

I began to Dj at a station called Hot Rocks Radio and loved what I did. wanted to move on a year later I moved on to WSRN and general managed 4 stations there and managed my own, then one day GOD Spoke To Me. this isn't the music I want you to play, who am I to question a voice from nowhere(lol). See at this time I had been weekend by the weight of the world and needed a PICK ME UP and God did it, I prayed and prayed cause I really liked djing but he wanted me to play his music and I had NONE. then one day I miss typed the URL for the station I was managing and guess what? See I was manager of Solid Rock Radio playing all the secular rock and explicit stuff when came up a Solid Rock Radio of a different nature, yep Christian Rock so I contacted him and started there as Program Director and LOVED IT he helped me get music and sent me on my way. the owner of that station even ventured in to opening a Southern Gospel Station ( I am a Redneck ) called www.glorylandradio.com.

Now a few months later a good friend Donna contacted me about her station and wanted me to Dj 1 night a week for her, So I tried and failed, what I did was put all my Secular Rock, Christian rock and ever kind of song I had in my list and tried to dj and go Spanked By Our Father GOD. I just couldn't continue with the show so I stopped and removed all the music but the Christian, went back on and had a Great Show and there is where The Redneck Show was born. Now I do here a show once a week and produce it for a syndicated show and offered on my site to be re aired. So far I have 8 other Internet Stations carrying it at different times and a Am Station airing it.

The show is all Listener Supported with out the listeners I couldn't do it. If you feel the need to donate please do so at http://www.redneckdisciple.com/redneckshow.


Now you have the Redneck Show Story


Thank you and God Bless

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