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Calculate Bandwidth?

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I see some streaming hosts offer unlimited bandwidth and some impose a limit.


How would I go about, for instance, calculating the bandwidth for a month if I had a 24/7 stream running at 128kbps with 50 listener slots (I doubt I'd be at more than 10 at any given time as I will be starting out).


Is it realistic for me to be worrying that I will go over, for instance, a 2,000 GB monthly bandwidth limit with the situation I described above.

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There is a good bandwidth calculator here http://www.radiotoolbox.com/online_tools/bandwidth.php


There are probably more out there but that's the one I always use to get a rough idea of bandwidth requirements (make sure you know the difference between bits and bytes - 128kbps = 16kB/s).


According to the calculator, you can support 50 128k listeners all of the time with 2TB of bandwidth so I don't know why the host would offer a package that's limited in that way because it is effectively unlimited (i.e you can have all 50 slots full all of the time).


It will be pretty much impossible to go over the banwidth limit of you stream at 128k.

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