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Whats your car currently tuned into?

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The wonderfully eclectic 98.1 WKZE FM

Based out of Red Hook, New York 12571 U.S.


Listen live:




When I was in college it was 101.5 WPDH !


Now on the Island, mornings in the car is Sirius Howard 100/101

Evenings in the car tends to be either Faction 28 or HairNation 23.

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Kerrang 105.2 (I'm one of these Brummies, you see), certainly for Simon James & Hill in the morning (even if they do pass off recycled pre-recorded bits as 'live' grrr). As for Kate Lawler, I would rather listen to my own legs being processed by some kind of industrial meat grinder...

I used to listen to XFM a lot, but the past few years they seem to have lost something.

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My car...well, It's always tuned to BOUNCE RADIO (the net station I have a show on)



In fact, its not that hard to do! lol


Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WIMAX edition. Tune in. BOOM.


I think it only covers my city...not sure though :P



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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