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Can you reccommend Recording Software :-)

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I have a programme of unsigned music. :P I am a musician and not particularly technical!!! I produce live, and pre-recorded shows. I am looking for a different software programme to produce my pre-recorded programmes. It would need to be pretty simple!! At the moment I am using Cool Edit Pro v 2.0 but I find it is missing the spontenaety of recording in real time.

I wondered if you had any reccomendations, Idealy i would be looking for 'shareware' or similar.

Cheers, for your time. :boonie: Lizzie

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Cool Edit and it's update Adobe Audition are probably the best software packs you can get in the recording market. You can record live as well as edit in Cool Pro I use it for both all the time. I hope I am not repeating something you already know but put simply route your instruments and mics through a mixer, I use a 16 channel Behringer then take the master output from the mixer into the line in on your PC and record the output direcly into Cool Edit using the red record button at the bottom left. You can preset your levels and EQ at the mixer stage and of course adjust with Cool Edit. Depending how clever you are you can even record each component of the mix seperately and put them all together using the multi track mix facility in Cool Edit, up to a staggering 128 tracks!!


Hope this helps.


Keith D

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi I use both Cool Edit Pro and Audition 3.0. I think both are excellent. If you cant afford Audition 3.0 stick with CEP.



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