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Hiya everyone


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Hey all,


I am of course new to this site and loving it.


I have been a DJ for, well...let's say 20-odd years. Fromm Mobile DJ in my teens to Pubs, Clubs, Hospital & Community Radio Stations and for the last couple of years - Internet Radio with Pulse FM (and various clubs on Second Life too).


The whole internet experience is great and I just love to provide the music the listeners want.


I also produce my own remixes and megamixes, although I have had so littlle time to work on any. A few of my good DJ friends went on to release their mixes on DMC (Disco mix Club) and one great bloke called Moz Morris is happily producing with the big boys :)


Like many folks here, i have seen DJ's come and go...But for those of us who have it in our blood, we are the true force behind making the radio what it is today.


I come from Scotland but have been living in Manchester for the last two years and the great thing about internet radio for me meant I could stick with my current station :)


I've been around the internet for many years! In fact, my first internet experience was on the Amiga computer where we would log onto IRC (AmIRC as far as i recall). One thing led to another and I moved onto the pc and the rest as they say is history.


I always love the variation of voices and the work produced by the professionals and of course those who are new and working their way up. Nobody ever deserves to be put down for their work and that is what I truly love about this site.


Everyone has their chance to shine and also be helped by those "in the know" and even folks like me who have been DJ'n for many years has still a lot to learn from guys on here.


I tend to download a few VO's from the site to check out the different voices, accents and styles. I am always impressed by the work involved and my hat goes off to everyone who helps others.


I suppose I should mention my home set up.


For boradcasting I use SAM Broadcaster 4.2.2 (I aint updated to latest as I have read some of the bugs and niggles folks have had). Anyway, I'm sure I read a new version was due at the start of 2009.....


My other equipment consists of an SE Electronics SE2200A Condenser Mic (and a Shure SM58 as a backup, secondary).


I don't have a need for a huge mixer so I opted for the behringer Eurorack UBB02 which has enough inputs for my needs.


I also have these behringer units in place:


Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P

Ultra Voice Digital VX2496

Composer Pro-XL MDX2600


I also have another two in the rack:

Ultragain Pro MIC2200 & Feedback Destroyer Pro DSP1124P


Both of which I have not used much as I have never had the need (yet).


It might be all over the top for what I do, but in reality, they give my voice a richness that somehow a mixer can't (not mine at least). Obviously the Virtualizer is simply used for effects to the voice for some fun now and then.


Headphones I have a pair of Sennheiser HD512's which I love. they are just so comfy over long periods and can handle the sound nicely. I also have a pair of Sony MDR-V700 which are also good in my opinion but I feel that after a while, they tend to get uncomfy and hurt my ears.


Hang on! This is supposed to be about me! lol


Well...I actuallly had to give up DJ'n due to RL commitments a few years ago and it was the saddest time ever. I never did make it into commercial radio, not on air at least...the closest i got was working on the roadshows....but it was enough to give me the boost I needed at the time.


These days I no longer find the time to do as much as I would like. But working on internet radio does me just fine. I llove the feedback and the exerience.


My fave music is probably the 80's but I tend to play just about anything and everything to be honest.


Well I think I have possibly introduced myself enough for now!!!


Hoping to be around the site for some time as it seems a nice friendly place to be. Just what's needed - so once again, thanks to everyone who has made a site liek this possible for folks like me.

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