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Voice over request


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Something for a techtrance/techno radio programme.


Something " www.websitename.com live radio'


male or female

I could also provide sound sample fot it to go over!

Does anybody know how i mean?


heres an example

click here

http://www.myspace.com/kutski and click song no5, listen to 15seconds, it says in new djs we trust, sumtin like them sounds, is this possible? just that kind of sound?

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Hi Oglach


So what your looking for basically is someone to come up with what? A catch phrase similar to that? Design a whole script for a drop around someone elses idea?


Something like...WWNDJD? "What Would New Dj's Do?"


If you have an idea for what you want to say that would help us out alot. If your looking for us to come up with the ideas for you, create a script and produce it, well thats something you should discuss with us on a pay basis. Thats the best help I can offer you at the mo.



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If you want a voice to record something for you, you need to make sure you provide a script (in brackets, the exact words you want recorded), also let us know if you will require production/sound effects on it; and speak correct English so we can understand you.

I have no idea what you mean by "No i was just wondering if voice could be made something like they way that one sounded."


I mean this in a nice way, to help you:)

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