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Webcasting, Hobby or Business?

What Is Webcasting Considered As?  

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  1. 1. What Is Webcasting Considered As?

    • A Hobby
    • A Business
    • Other (Describe Below)

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well for me its been a hobby that has cost me about 125.000 dollars in the last 8 years and its getting out hand and stressing my pockets its been a good thing that i own my own business for the last 6 years and had the extra money to do this this long only reason i keep going is cause i have won 3 awards @ southern entertainment awards show for ( internet radio station & satellite radio ) ive beat out at least 10 other stations and i beat the xm and sirus rap channels with that i would think by know one them satelite serveise would have offerd me a channel by now but i guess not im up for a 4th award as we speek im at the verge of closing down
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Mine is a full blown business and as soon as the next FCC filing window comes around I p;an to put the 3500 in it that it takes for all my licenses and permits and get all my ducks in a row....I have never treated my station as a hobby and people think im nuts for it, but when you look at my station compared to our sister station we usually wind up with the most listeners unless there is something special happening on the other side...but its because i give the listeners what they want and if i dont have it i bust my ever living keaster to get it for them
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