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Have any hosts done any custom coding?


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Yup, Our entire new system will be 100% coded by us. Not even outsourced to another company, done by our employees.


Basically by December or January, everything you will see on our website will be ours that we created by hand, except for cPanel for hosting websites. Main reason we are keeping cPanel is because most of our clients really enjoy it and it is easy to implement into our system.


The main reason we are doing this is because I didn't like having to send our clients to a bunch of different places to use their services (cPanel, SHOUTcast, WHMCS (Billing), Ubersmith (Dedicated Server Managment), etc.) and wanted to make it easier on them.


Custom coding our entire system also enables us to add basically any features we want and to make our system work exactly how we want it to.


I think Wavestreaming and StreamSolutions are some other hosts who custom coded everything.

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