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Non-Radio Voice?


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How would one go about changing how their voice sounds when they broadcast?


I am a male but through electronics I sound like a female. Although I didn't plan to talk on my station if I decided to give it more of a "live" feel is there a way to alter my voice to sound differently when I talk?


Or are there any other ways to give my station a "live" feel?



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Now you'll all think this is crazy but I've seen somebody get round this same problem the old fashioned way. They have taken their voice and recorded it onto a continuous piece of tape around two machines the first of which records the original but this is then taken to a unit which changed their voice by about 3 semi tones. This was then sent through to the record head of one machine and played on the play head of the other. The play head of the later was wired into the usual microphone to the listener.


Sorry the description is a bit rough, I can only remember it off the top of my head and it was a long time ago.:\

Many Thanks

Benjamin Ely

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