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Looking for SHOUTCAST internet DJS


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Hello there, I am DJ Exozito from Horror Of Zombie Radio speaking on the behalf of James(not to be confused with the admin of this site), who is the Horror Of Zombie Radio webmaster.


We are looking for internet DJs to fill permanent timeslots, any type of music is accepted. We are also looking for Talk Radio Personalities of all types.


The SHOUTcast server we are currently using streams at 64kbs, has unlimited bandwidth and can support up to a maximum of 25 listeners.


The website URL is : www.horrorofzombie.com


To submit an application, send an email to james@horrorofzombie.com


We need you to provide the following information in your email application(Timezone is in Eastern Standard Time):

DJ Name :
Show Name :
Time Slot :

Thank You


PS: Despite our station's name, not all of our DJs are Horror show freaks, only James(Jimbob) is. :)

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