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Alot of radio stations now have chat software so you can chat with DJ's. Want to know the best ones? Look here:








http://cutesoft.net/ASP.NET+Chat/default.aspx (Recommended)


Feel free to add some more to the list. (Y)

Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
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Hullo Campers


We use IRC also. Starchat IRC. I've been on IRC for over 18 years now. I'm up for parole to Real Life in 2015! lol. IRC increases your chance of Foottraffic coming in and checking out your room. This is another way to increase your listener base. A decent IRC network has thousands of people on them. Setting up a chatroom, java or otherwise, only benefits your regulars who know about it. We've had people come in that tuned in and stayed. We have our core fans and newbs. IRC Works! Its Free! And you have way more control.



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this is a great thread!


I just had a whole big to do with the other shows on the network trying to figure out what we wanted to do about a chat room. We used userplane for a while until we moved to stickam. got spoiled by having listener cams, and studio cams setup... and we have to move over to live video because 4 days in a row stickam wouldn't load for us. so now there are problems with live video and people are asking to move away from that.. but there's nowhere else to go! I don't know of any other chat service that allows 1 "studio" cam (for the creator of the room, whcih would be the show) and multiple listener cams.


we also tossed up the idea of having something embedded into the network website, but then the argument came up of "well, people wont stumple upon the network if we do that.. like they can now, and have in the past with stickam" .. which is a very valid argument. However, it's a complete catch 22, and I have no idea how to solve it haha

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