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Greetings From the Catskills!


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Hello friends,

This is Carl Welden coming to you from New York's Mid-Hudson Valley region - the Catskill Mountains (yes we have mountains in New York).

My business is Lycanthropy Unlimited Productions.


I am looking forward to talking about all the gear, tips, triumphs and failures, humor and insights that come along with the wonderful industry of voiceovers.


You can add me on MySpace (just mention voice stuff in your requests) by going to:



I work both from home and at local studios and dream of a proper vocal booth every time I ponder renovating our upstairs. Blah, blah, blah...me, me, me....


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

-Carl Welden.

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Hi Carl,

Welcome. I used to live in the Hudson Valley area Woodstock, Kingston. My son lives in Shady now. Nice country up there.


Indeed it is!

Kingston and Woodstock are just up the road from me here in the "booming metropolis" of New Paltz.

A great deal of recording facilities have peppered themselves among the hills up here to escape the urban acoustic environment.

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Welcome to the site. Just listened to your charcter voice demo and think it is brilliant. Keep up the great work. It is great having a talent who is a : cartoonist, illustrator, sculptor, painter, actor, puppeteer, writer, musician, educator, stilt-walker, mask-maker. Wow


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Hey Carl, wanted to say "Hi" and let you know, if you're ever down on Long Island, swing by http://www.pmarecordingstudios.com in Mastic Beach... I'll let you use our equipment all you want, (throw some voiceovers our way)

I have property in a small town called Accord just north of Kerhonkson. I'm willing to bet you know where that is!


I hit Long Island on occasion, usually the South fork though. As for Accord, I'll be driving through it today, it's a few minutes away from me.

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I do stop in Ridge on rare occasions, but I generally make a beeline for Sag Harbor.

How often you get up to Accord?


Not so much lately, though I'm due to hit Newburgh for a College Reunion soon. The only time I make it to Accord is to visit old friends, whom of which we really have lost touch.


Shows it really is a small world though huh?

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