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Small little voiceover for my station :)

Blazin 97

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Hi, I am new to this website, I just need someone to say....


"New Music Now, Blazin 97! Blazin 97 always bangs the new jamz first!"


"This is the hot 6 at 6 with Justin"


"Blazin 97 Throwback.... remeber this jam?"



THANKS! to this site, I joined the other day

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Hey Blazin97


Just a little heads up. It helps us to know what kind of format (if any) or genre (style) your station is or plays. (luckily I saw another post of yours saying youre a Hip/Hop station). I originally did this with "Rock" music, but changed it up to fit. Also, since you didnt say you wanted it produced..most people would take it for granted you just wanted a dry (voice only) read. I took the chance you wanted something produced. So here is a modest effort just on the first one.







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