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Xmas VO Please


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Hiya guys,


This is my first time asking for a freebie, so hope this is ok?


Would like a dry VO which says:



"Andy Gee and Andy Hays would like to wish everyone listening a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Pulse Dot FM"


Any style you wish, if possible slight pause after the name checks so I can edit in or cut out as desired.


Male or Female or both?


I shall leave it in your capeable hands...and as always +REPs will be given.


Thx for now.

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Hey Slim,


Thank you, but the original was fine for me. :doh:



But mega thanks for taking time to sort it at request of another member.


Just once again shows that this forum is all about helping each other. Such great place.


You all rock!


sometimes i catch it some times i dont i attached one for you without that pee pop once again im sorry and i hope you can use this





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