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First five steps to be a good radio presenter


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Offer something different to the other presenters


know what you're going to say. Know how you're going in and how you're getting out of it, that way you don't crash or freeze up.


When your Talking make it sound like your talking to the listner.


Just be yourself! Don't front and act all fake because most people can tell


Make sure you know about the music your playing people like a DJ who knows his music.

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When you're talking, make it sound like you're talking to the listner.


Well stated.


To put a finer point on it, forget for a moment the potential number of listeners and speak as though you are talking to ONE PERSON. By "talking to" we mean "be conversational" as opposed to "talking at" unless you're a carnival barker.


This holds true even more so when you are reading. We lose many of our natural vocal inflections when we read out loud. It is recommended that you read out loud as much as possible and work on the conversational cadence of your speech patterns.

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Great advise so far. If you are UK based, whatever you do DO NOT try to souind like Kenny Everett!!!


I totally agree with the 'talk to one person' technique


I would add: RELAX, take your time and don't try to make every link hillarious - it won't happen.


I would also add, if you make a real hash and shut the sound off for 5 minutes by spilling your coffee over the console, when you come back hold your hands up and say what you did. The fact that you are human will go a long way.


I would finally add.... Remember you are NOT an 'A' list celebrity. The fact that you may have interviewed a new band realeasing their first single, does not make you Michael Douglas's best friend. Be humble, be you and enjoy what you do.

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