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A Bit Of A Hiccup!


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Looks like our stream hosts section has been a victim of the old slash hack. I have our host techs looking at the logs and we will trace the roots and report this one. It inserts a hidden iframe into the site and downloads malware.


Shoutcaststreaming pointed this out today. We had this attack a few months back but got rid of it. Hopefully this time we will get rid of it, if you see anything weird happening, just PM me or email the site.. admin@broadcastingworld.net


Nothing to worry about, its just a little script kiddie trying to get his virus some attention. Its been reported over a thousand times over the internet (search digitalpoint for more info) and just a heads up to you guys that have wordpress, phpbb and coppermine. UPGRADE YOUR SCRIPTS ASAP! Otherwise it leaves a hole in your website.




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