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ESP Custom Player help!


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need a bit of help with the esp desktop player


1. when i update and save my settings in the player its does not save?


2. how do i save the player its says "to save the file as an ascii file and upload to your server" but what is the correction extension for creating a ascii file? is .txt or .exe i dont really know :confused:


the crazy thing is even thou it does not save my stations setting in the player its does saves my background jpg but when i test the player its always playing some hip hop station which is not my station:bustedred:

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The answer for two is in your settings. It has to be uploaded in ascii mode. Find them in your FTP clients options, it would be set to auto most likely. Its not an extension like .exe or .txt, so revert it to the original extension and upload in ascii mode in your ftp browser. :)

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