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most of took alot of time to make wow good on you

The original post goes like this:

Originally Posted by carlwelden

Would that be the Shure 55 Unidyne II ?


I won 1st place carving a pumpkin into one for Halloween this year, but the signal to noise ratio is terrible! I sent these photos to Shure Incorporated, but got no response. Maybe I'll get more appreciation here.

In the unpainted picture, you can see the Shure 55sh product manual that I used for reference.

I started at 4am and submitted it a little after 8am.

It was a nightmare to assemble it well enough so it'd be sturdy for the ride in my truck to the contest.

The paint had barely dried as I was inserting a piece of screen door lining inside to serve as the mic's windscreen.....details, details.

The instrument plug, if you examine closely, is actually the tip of a drumstick shoved through a gourd! My only regret is I never got to see it lit from inside!



No response from Shure Incorporated (three weeks gone by) but hey, they don't add reps here anyhow. I did get calls from friends who'd guessed that it was my entry. They all know I've got microphones on the brain.


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