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Whats your Screen Resolution?  

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  1. 1. Whats your Screen Resolution?

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Hi Nickolas

I once had an important input made by a friend of Me who is into the IT business, and untill today I still follow his way of working.

If you make a website, look at your stats for the most common browsers, resolutions, platforms who are used by your visitors .. this way already an important part of your visitors gonna have a good experience during their visit.

concerning visitors to my website .. most common are 1024x768, Win XP, IE7 - all have a percentage of 50+ of all visitors

by browsers : IE7 is followed on the 2nd spot by Firefox

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Get your site set up to autosize as a percentage rather than set size. That way, whatever resolution someone is looking at, it will look fine on their screen.

I have to say thats a good idea, alot of you guys dont have small monitors by the looks of it so what if i made the page width 90%? Who would like that? Then i can pack more content in! (Y) :D



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