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Hi you all


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My name is François, and I've been working in the radio Industry for quite 2 decades now (Hertzian and streaming matters since 2000). I'm 41 and live in France.


I set up California-101, the only Westcoast radio on the Internet (except one great station on Live365) 4 years ago. California tunes are among my 3 passions.

Now I run a multimedia company with partners which allow me to provide people with hostings on optical fiber and multiple datacenters locations.


We also have a voice imagining service (US, French and Italian pro radio/dubbing voices), the brand new babyborn...Lol


I registered to the Forum today (there are too many forums on the Net...Lol) and I'm glad I did. Looks like there many things to discover and talk about here.


Have a great day,



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