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A few VO's Please :)

Blazin 97

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On 12/26/08 my station is changing names to 99.9 The Beat and I need some voiceovers done for the new name. :) They can be dry or produced, doesnt matter and it is an urban station.


"The new 99.9 The Beat, number one for hip hop!"


"Gloabally accessable, the new 99.9 The Beat"


"The internet's new number one for hip hop, 99.9 The Beat!"


"new music now, the new 99.9 The beat"


"the tightest urban jamz 24-7 worldwide, the new 99.9 The Beat!"

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Here is 3 to 4 reads or each line you requested.


Let me know what you think.


If you would like professional production, please send me a PM through BW.


I hope these work out for you.




P.S. Please consider making a donation via Paypal to help me continue to do voiceovers and production work for BW members. It would be greatly appreciated, but not required.

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