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Your Top 5 Overplayed Songs...


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In the UK it's QUEEN and that Godawful Bohemian Rhapsody!!!

Too much U2 and the preedictable ol' rubbish like FREE-All Right Now, COLDPLAY, AMY FRIGGIN WINEHOUSE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh! I can't take any more!

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Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love :wacko:


Sara Bareliies - Love Song :eeko:


Katy Perry - Hot and Cold :cursing:


Timbaland - (feat. One Republic) - Apologize :retard:


The Fuckin Jonas Brothers bullshit they call music. :nono: :censored:


Ugh I hate top 40 overplayed shit and my girlfriend and her kids love it. Drives me nuts and makes me want to blow up the station here that plays the bullshit.


I need a new ipod. Mine got washed in the washing machine. :scared:

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not just Nova.. try listening to K-Rock.. It's practically Kings of Leon FM at the moment...


I'm a big fan of Kings of Leon, but have to admit that Revelry is overplayed at then moment. It's definitely not one of their best songs off the album.

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