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GKRadio Europe welcomes You


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Hello fellow members,


Thanks to James for sending Me an invite to this wonderful community.


Some details about my project :

GKRadio Europe is aired since November, 1rst 2007 at the worldwide internet

The format offers a wide variety of music aka the old and new. Every evening at 08pm CET you can tune in to several sets made by hosts from all around the world.

GKRadio Europe is an interactive internetradio, what means that listeners can collab to the broadcasts by making requests in realtime (2 artists every 30 minutes)


The daily broadcast and sets are in general made in English and Dutch. The station IDs liners are made by some pro voice-overs from the USA and who has been produced by Me.

The basic idea of GKRadio Europe is The Happy Feeling .. the old time music mixed with Today Top40 hits


Enjoy it and feel free to visit the project or to send your message or support

Have a great time !

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Phillippe welcome to BW....I know your talents from another site and I am sure other members will benefit form you being on BW. Have fun.



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Cooool !


Looks that My project is known by more people than I could imagine .. Great feeling and thanks for the "Welcome" messages


Thanks and regards to James (who pulled Me in), to Arthur, Alain and to Gary (who I pulled in .. lol)


I made a small broadcast shedule at the tab "whats on?" .. so I hope some people gonna discover this way my project .. and remember to those who don't know it yet .. but all liners of the IDs are made by you all

lets say .. an example of what VO's can do to give a station an image ... and to add some Happy Feeling

Thanks again ! A HUG 2 all !!


GKRadio - a great station looked after by a great guy !
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